Dinis Machado / BARCO. Foto Ruth Campbell

Thursday Sessions: Barco Dance Collection

Varje torsdag har museet kvällsöppet till kl.21.00. Under namnet Thursday Sessions bjuder vi in till olika program och guidade visningar på svenska och engelska som ingår i entrébiljetten. Kvällens program är på engelska/The event is in English.

Thursday Sessions with Barco Dance Collection – a different experience of dance
Welcome to a different experience of dance. Barco Dance Collection is a project were Dinis Machado invites other choreographers, to create short solos for himself as a dancer. 

At Skissernas Museum Machado will perform 5 dances from the collection by Brooke Stamp (AU), Vicky Malin (UK), Rosalind Goldberg (SE), Rebecka Stillman (SE), Ali Moini (IR/FR). A performance where his body is crossed by the short dances created by these choreographers. In an investigation about being a dancer, Dinis simultaneously looks for the performer each dance asks for, while navigating through an evening of continuous dance where accuracy and embodiment are in continuous negotiation. 

BARCO is a collection of dances rather than a collection of dance performances (in the interdisciplinary sense of a stage performance where the light, the sound, the set and the costumes build something together). The proposal for the choreographers is to think that the space where this dance happens is not the room we are in but within the body itself. This is a collection of dances where dance is looked and worked on as something autonomous.

Being the performative condition of dance practice mostly immaterial, as a map, this collection is as well a gathering of practices rather than the objects that surround it.

15.00 Temavisning med studentguide (olika språk, se kalendarium)
17.00 Guidad visning av museet på engelska
18.00 Guidad visning av museet på svenska

BarcoBarco. Foto: Isabel Ortiz

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