Photo: Emma Krantz/Skissernas Museum

Eat & drink

Welcome to our restaurant På Skissernas

An ambitious yet down-to-earth Scandinavian cuisine awaits. Fantastic ingredients combine to create great taste sensations. The restaurant focuses on local farm produce, Swedish flavours and a love of cooking as a craft.

During an evening at På Skissernas, you will be able to enjoy well-composed menus in a tranquil setting. The flavours on your plate will be accompanied by carefully paired wines selected by the restaurant’s own sommelier. An evening at På Skissernas can also be an outstanding entertainment event, a way to introduce your guests to the excellence of Scandinavian and Swedish cuisine. Dinner menus are set in advance, at the time of booking. Naturally, a few tables are always set aside for drop-in guests. 

During the day, På Skissernas takes on a slightly different guise. With its gastronomic heart still firmly in the same place, the restaurant serves excellent lunches composed of carefully prepared, honest Scandinavian seasonal fare. After a visit to the museum, you can also drop in just for a snack and a coffee, perhaps accompanied by something sweet, prepared by the restaurant’s own pastry chef.

The restaurant is run by Fredrik Lundegård and Marcus Nyberg, who are also responsible for the restaurant Mat & Destillat in Lund.

For reservations in the restaurant please contact them directly.
Phone: +46 (0)46 222 68 68
Web and online booking: