Foto/Photo Skissernas Museum/Johan Persson

Visit the museum during corona

A warm welcome to Skissernas Museum, where we all help to create a safe environment and show consideration for each other!

Art is more important than ever in these uncertain times. To be able to offer a safe museum experience, with consideration for both visitors and staff, the museum is taking a series of measures, in regards to the prevailing situation.

– The museum will limit the number of visitors on the premises to 40 and we will count the number of visitors coming in and out. 

– We urge our visitors to show consideration and maintain a respectful distance from each other. 

– Extra cleaning of exposed surfaces will be carried out daily and hand sanitiser will be placed in select locations.  

– We kindly ask that visitors, as well as museum staff, follow the Swedish Public Health Agency’s recommendations to stay home if you are ill. 


We are opening the museum with a new exhibition by Jockum Nordström – Without Lantern. There will not be an official opening and initially there will not be any guided tours of the exhibition either. The exhibition period has been extended to October 18 so it will be possible to explore Jockum Nordström’s dreamlike world throughout the summer. 

Our programme activities will take place outdoors in the Sculpture Park, for a limited number of people. Please see the information in the calendar. 

 The museum continues to carefully monitor the development of the coronavirus. We are following the Swedish Government’s decisions and the Swedish Public Health Agency’s guidelines and are prepared to make changes to the opening hours and activities if the situation so requires.  

This information is updated regularly and is subject to change.