Jockum Nordström – Without Lantern

The spring and summer exhibition presents Jockum Nordström, one of Sweden's most internationally acclaimed artists. The central work, The Anchor Hits the Sand, is a powerfully evocative and meditative shadow play with music. Nordström's characteristic paper figures – buildings, trees, animals and people – are projected on a screen of semi-transparent paper. The cut-out figures, which are mounted on wire behind the screen, are illuminated through rotating filters and exposed in a never-repeated play of light and shadows. The music, a collage of old 78 rpm records, put together in collaboration with Rudolf Nordström, the artist's son, adds another dramatic dimension. It is easy to be captured by this dreamy work beyond time and space. The presentation at Skissernas Museum is the first in Sweden, and perhaps this is the last time the artist builds this completely analogue work. In addition to the shadow play the exhibition presents sculptures, collages and sketches, showing Nordström's multifaceted and artistic process. 

Beyond drawings, paintings, collages and sculptures, Jockum Nordström has also created picture books, animations and record covers. His works include references to music, folk art, outsider art and architecture. He is now working on a public sculpture for a new residential area at Södra Värtan, Stockholm: a large concrete triumphal arch over a promenade in a newly constructed city park. The project has connections to sculptures in paper and wood, which are shown in the exhibition. Variants of The Anchor Hits the Sand have previously been shown at the Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans (2018), and at David Zwirner, London (2019). 

Jockum Nordström was born in Stockholm in 1963 and is educated at Konstfack, University of Arts, Crafts and Design. He lives and works in Stockholm and on Gotland. His works are found in significant museum collections in both Sweden and the rest of Europe and the United States. 

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