The Space Lady. Foto: Rockfoto Mattias Pettersson


Three times a year Skissernas Museum presents Skissernas Night – join us as we open up the Museum for an evening full of art, exhibitions and activities. Bring your friends and family and celebrate one of our favorite evening events!


17:00–22:00 Dj HELENA LOPAC 
17.30 Live act: HEAD OF HYDRUS (DK)
18.00–20.00 Collage Workshop: Studio Kalle Mattsson
18.00–19.00 Talk: Fashion designer ANN-SOFIE BACK and Kerstin Berggren (swe)
19.30 Performance: DANCEOKE with ÖFA 
20.00 Live act: HEAD OF HYDRUS (DK)
20.15 Performance: DANCEOKE with ÖFA
21.00 Live act: ALI SABAH TRIO 
21.45 Live act: THE SPACE LADY (US)

Guided tours: One Artist, One Artwork (swe/eng)
15 minutes, every full and half hour

Back is perhaps Sweden's hottest contemporary fashion designer and a unique representative for the attentive Swedish fashion scene, both at home and internationally. Back has worked with brands such as ACNE and Cheap Monday and has created more than 10 000 garments within her own brands Ann Sofie Back, Ateljé and BACK. In a talk with the cultural journalist Kerstin Berggren Back will share her own experiences and thoughts about creative process and creativity within fashion and design.

LIVE ACT: THE SPACE LADY (US) – Electronic space music 
Behind the mythical alias The Space Lady, Susan Dietrich has become something of a legend within the genre "outsider music" with unique interpretations of famous pop songs like “Ghost Riders in The Sky” and “Major Tom”. Space Lady begun her career on the streets of Boston and San Francisco in the 80's. Today many years later she has toured the world and is more than ever celebrated for her intriguing artistic expression. 

LIVE ACT: HEADY OF HYDRUS (DK) – Classical music and ambient
String duo Head of Hydrus from Copenhagen creates a world of unusual sound images where 20th century classical music is combined with ambient influences. The duo will performed two separate concerts on the bridge in the museum that crosses the room in the Swedish Gallery.

LIVE ACT: ALI SABAH TRIO – a mixture of genres on oud
Sabah is an award-winning musician and master of the classical Arabic instrument the oud. His music moves between genres like folk, classic music and popular music with influences of both east and west. Sabah is also well known for his interpretations of Evert Taube. After leaving Iraq and moving to Sweden in 2008 Sabah met the two brothers Per Knagg and Dan Svensson with whom he founded the first Ali Sabah Trio and produced his first album the critically acclaimed “Babylon Tales”.

PERFORMANCE: ÖFA-KOLLEKTIVET – Collaborative dance project 
ÖFA offers a performance that shifts the relationship between the audience and the artist. Instead of singing karaoke all alone, we will dance together to music videos in a collaborative and challenging dance project. We dare you to join in! 

CREATIVE WORKSHOP with STUDIO KALLE MATTSSON – Humoristic collage making 
Illustrator and designer Kalle Mattsson is probably best known for the viral success of Buffalo Billgates, a blog 
where he playfully combines images of different famous people, rearranging their names. The collage workshop of the evening plays and experiments with advertising, contemporary art and humour.

DJ: HELENA LOPAC – space age and into the future
Helena Lopac plays electronic music and soundtracks ranging from last century's electronic explorers through space age and into the future. Lopac is most known as the music journalist and radio producer in programs such as “Elektroniskt” at P2, “Kaleidoskop” and P2 “Art's Birthday Party”. Listen to Lopac as she fills the museum lobby with heart-warming sounds. 

Guided Tours: One Artist, One Artwork
In 15 minutes one of our guides will tell you interesting facts about one artist and one of the artists artworks. Every tours has presents a different artist and artwork. 

17.00 Svenska salen, Siri Derkerts skisser för Stockholms tunnelbana (swe)
17.30 Mexican Gallery, Juan O’Gorman, Scenes of Independence (eng)
18.00 Internationella salen, Henri Matisses skisser för Rosenkranskapellet (swe)
18.30 Memory Matters, Indrė Šerpytytė, (1944-1991) Former NKVD-MVD-MGB-KGB Buildings (eng)
19.00 Konstverkets födelse, Astrid Göransson, På plats på Fridhem (swe)
19.30 Swedish Gallery, Siri Derkerts sketches for Stockholm subway (eng)
20.00 The Birth of the Artwork, Astrid Göransson, at Fridhem (eng)
20.30 Mexikanska samlingen, Juan O’Gorman, Scener från självständigheten (swe)
21.00 International Gallery, Henri Matisse sketches for the Rosary Chappel (eng)
21.30 Memory Matters, Indrė Šerpytytė, (1944-1991) Former NKVD-MVD-MGB-KGB Buildings (swe)

Skissernas Night is arranged in cooperation with Sparbanken Skåne through support from Sparbanksstiftelsen Finn. 


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