Skissernas Night

Do you take artistic freedom for granted? We didn't think so! Celebrate artists that have worked hard and fought to express their artistic vision. Tara Transitory! Gabriela Pichler! Dinis Machado! Erik Holmström! Aki Zum! John Venkiah!

Skissernas Museum is proud to present free admission to an evening where the ceiling is sky high!

17.30 Talk: Gabriela Pichler and Kerstin Berggren, Birgit Rausings Hall
18.00-20.00 Workshop with Aki Zum, Creative Workshop
19.00 Live music: John Venkiah, The Lobby
20.00 Performance: Dinis Machado, Birgit Rausings Hall
20.15 Live music: John Venkiah, The Lobby
21.00 Performance Croquis: Malmö Dockteater, Svenska salen
22.00 Live music: Tara Transitory, Birgit Rausings Hall

All evening:
DJ-duo Anatolian Beat Collective in the Lobby. Guided tours 15 min: One artist – one artwork (scroll down for schedule).


(Talk in Swedish) Multiple award winning film director Gabriela Pichler join us in Birgit Rausings sal for a talk on artistic process with journalist Kerstin Berggren. Pichler is the director of critically acclaimed films such as ‘Äta, Sova, Dö’ (2013) and this springs big success ‘Amatörer’. The talanted auteur was born 1980 and grew up in Örkeljunga. She is the first in her family to accomplish a degree at the university. Accordingly, the stories in her films talks about social perspective. Gabriela Pichler was selected to represent Sweden in the Oscars Awards 2013.


Tara Transitory aka One Man Nation makes works which some consider art, some consider music and some consider trash. But clearly, it never quite fits into contemporary categories. She is trans, nomadic and is exploring the intersections of gender, noise and ritual through sound, performance and the collective trance. Currently based in Chiang Mai (Thailand) where she is directing the performances space “extantion” and working on International //gender|o|noise\\ Underground, a collection of video documents made of ephemeral public interventions done in collaboration with other trans women. See her at Skissernas Night under the mirrored roof at 22.00.


CONSUBSTANTIATION is a queer drag performance. Displacing from binary gender and sexual identities the performance works in the creation of an imaginary of a both gender and sexual "in betweenness" and its embodiment: a human body approaching an object-like gender. See Dinis Machado searching for a parallel gender imaginary foreign to the mainstream sedimented pop aesthetics of queer, at Skissernas Night.


The London born young pianist and vocalist John Venkiah is already a full time employed musician. He plays with celebrities like Tingsek, Albin Gromer, MSO, Loreen and Carola. John is also a member of groups like Crazy Faela and he plays together with rising star Shirin. This fall Venkiah released his second album "Elevation" with the trio. At Skissernas Night Venkiah will present his own compositions from the trio repertoire. Enjoy music with an astonishing sense of mood and style, nods to the likes of E.S.T and Chet Baker. It is fair to say John Venkiah breeds a new force into the Swedish jazz scene!


Aki Zum is a Serbian/Swedish artist based in Malmö. Since she graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie 2007 she has been exhibiting in galleries and street art festivals internationally. You may have seen her easily recognizable work in collaboration with Makeriet in Malmö, Fotografiska in Stockholm or art mag Little Finger. Join Aki Zum in the creative workshop and create a mural that connects with our emotions in public! 


Malmö Dockteater have produced several critically acclaimed plays so far; ‘Vi Bara Lyder’ and ‘Funktionell Dumhet’. As we speak they are showing ‘Det Nya Riket’ on their own stage at Hasselgatan in Malmö. Holmströms team collaborate with visual artists, sculptors, engineers and animators to reach their artistic vision. At the performance croquis on Skissernas Night Malmö Dockteater will perform with the puppets used in a previous collaboration with Malmö Stadsteater. This is a unique opportunity to draw kroki you will only get once in a lifetime! 


Join the long standing deep diggin dj-duo Ericalibaba & Cecilia Paisley for a three hour set at Skissernas Night! They will take us on a trip from the Middle East via Turkey and back. Tonight´s hostesses have searched deep into the psychedelic era. Musical life flourished in Turkey, Lebanon, and Egypt during this period. Sitars are mixed with drums from the Byzantine Empire. Ancient bağlama transformed into psychedelic rock and oriental disco. This will be a sweet mix of traditional tunes and modern beats. For all of us who refuse to call it a party unless there is anything to dance to playing - this is it! Paisly and Ericalibaba are a rare dj-duo and we are very proud to host them at Skissernas Night!


17.00  Marianne Richter, Curtain for UN Headquarters, The Swedish Gallery (Swe)
17.30  Raoul Dufy, La Fée Electricité, The International Gallery (Eng)
18.00  Bigert & Bergström, Tornado Diverter , Second floor (Swe)
18.30  Jenny Holzer, Inflammatory Essays, The International Gallery (Eng)
19.00  Juan O’Gorman, Tre perioder i Mexikos kultur, Mexican Collection (Swe)
19.30  Raoul Dufy, La Fée Electricité, The International Gallery (Swe)
20.00  Marianne Richter, Curtain for UN Headquarters, The Swedish Gallery (Eng)
20.30  Jenny Holzer, Inflammatory Essays, The International Gallery (Swe)
21.00  Bigert & Bergström, Tornado Diverter , Second floor (Eng)
21.30  Juan O’Gorman, Tre perioder i Mexikos kultur, Mexican Collection (Swe)

Skissernas Night is produced with support from Sparbanken Skåne’s foundation owner Sparbanksstiftelsen Finn.


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