Photo: David Berg

Memory Matters: Jeannette Ehlers

On this evening Danish-Caribbean artist Jeannette Ehlers will talk about her artistry and about the monument I am Queen Mary that was unveiled in Copenhagen earlier this year. I am Queen Mary, created in collaboration with the artist La Vaughn Belle, is a monument commemorating the consequences of Denmark's colonization of the current US Virgin Islands and the people who suffered.

This project is the first collaborative sculpture to memorialize Denmark’s colonial impact in the Caribbean and those who fought against it. Timed to be unveiled at the end of the centennial year commemorating the 100th anniversary of Denmark’s sale of the Virgin Islands to the United States in March 1917, this project challenges Denmark’s role in slavery and the commemoration of its colonial past. It aims to change the narrative around this history by centering the stories and agency of those who were brought to the Danish West Indies and demonstrates how artists can be leaders in this conversation.

Tonight's Talk is part of a series of programs around our current exhibition Memory Matters. An exhibition about collective memory –memory which, unlike that of individual memory, is shared by many people, an entire group or society. Collective memory is often an expression of how a group in a position of power has chosen to recount and represent cultural and historical events, as in official memorials and monuments. But collective memories, like the monuments that embody them, are often contentious. Art provides the possibility of alternative perspectives on history and the expression of memories that have been silenced or repressed.

The talk starts at 19.00 and is in English.

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