Bigert & Bergström, “Reverse Osmosis Plant”, 2013 © Bigert & Bergström. Photo: Jean-Baptiste Beranger

Arts Meet Science

The negative effects of climate change is now impossible to ignore. Researchers the world over publish daily reports detailing the devastating effects of a warmer climate on our environment and society. Yet, efforts to create a more sustainable society are slow or lacking. This has led many researchers to look outside academia, to the arts, as a way to drive engagement and encourage change. Similarly, more and more artists are taking inspiration from climate research and climate science in their art. 

With the event Arts Meet Science, Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies (LUCSUS) and Skissernas Museum wish to explore the relationship between arts and science with a special focus on climate change and sustainability. Through workshops, collective art making, artistic installations and a panel debate with researchers and artists, we will explore how, and if, art and research can collaborate as a means to drive change for a more sustainable society

All seminars and workshops are open to attend, no registration is needed.

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