Photo: Emma Krantz/Skissernas Museum

Skissernas Museums Student Guides

Join a thematic tour with one of the student guides at Skissernas Museum!

The students comes from different faculties at Lund University. By engaging students with different backgrounds, the museum collections can be seen through new eyes, and the museum offers tours with different themes depending on the student's background, studies and interests. 

Thematic tours (in Swedish) are offered every Thursday-Sunday Friday at 3pm.

NOTE: During week 52, 2018 and week 1, 2019 we have not guided tours with studentguides.

For questions or further information, contact Maria LaBelle, Project Manager, tel. 046-222 7283 or email:

In 2017, Skissernas Museum implemented a pilot project aimed to engage students from different faculties at Lund University as Museum Guides inspired by Harvard Art Museums that successfully works with student guides in their activities. 

Student Guides, Autumn 2018:

Jacob Andersson
Psychology Programme, Lund University.

Jonas David
Arabic Studies, Lund University.

Jenny Grimbeck
Bachelor´s Programme, Theology and Religious Studies, Lund University.

Björn Hafstad
Bachelor Literature and German Studies, Lund University.

Johan K. Jensen
Master's programme, Biology, Conservation Ecology, Lund University.

Maria Lindahl

Master´s programme Science in Engineering, CIvil Engineering, LTH, Lund University.

Sara Mohtadi
Student at School of Architecture, Lund University.

Cornelia Valentin
Student at School of Architecture, Lund University.