Skissernas Museums Student Guide program

In 2017, Skissernas Museum implements a pilot project aimed to engage students from different faculties at Lund University as museum guides.  

Inspiration comes from Harvard Art Museums, which successfully works with student guides in their activities. By engaging students with different backgrounds the museum collections can be seen through new eyes and the museum can offer guided tours with different themes depending on the student's background, studies and interests.

Friday October 20, 4pm
Guided Theme Tour on nature and art with Johan K. Jensen, master student in Conservation Ecology, Lund University.
How does art affect our image of nature? And when does nature become art? In this tour, we explore the deep and often complex relationship between art and our perhaps largest source of inspiration, nature. In Swedish. 

For questions or further information please contact Maria LaBelle, Project Manager, tel. 046-222 7283 or email:

Student Guides at Skissernas Museum 2017:

Jacob Andersson 
Bachelor's programme Psychology, Lund University

Johannes Ellebrant
Master's Programme in Architecture, Lund University

Johan K. Jensen
Master's programme, Biology, Conservation Ecology, Lund University

Maria Lindahl
Student Master of Science and Engineering, Faculty of Engineering LTH 

Karl Månsson
Bachelor's programme in both History and Political Science, Lund University

Josefine Mannerfelt
Bachelor's programme, Law, Lund University

Vladimir Okhnich 
Master's programme in Applied Cultural Analysis, Lund University

Linete Roque Andersson
Bachelor's programme, Human Rights, Lund University